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 Hello, Motorcycle Enthusiasts!
My Name is Jeff Denis and I started this business out of love for old motorcycles. It all started when I was a young kid back in the 70s and 80s wanting my motorcycles to look like they were off the show room floor when I showed up at the starting gate. Back then I figured out that I could keep my plastic looking really nice with a custom polish. 35 years later I have fine-tuned this  process in order to help those seeking to restore plastic for their own old bikes, restoring them to gems and getting them back on the tracks.  Take a look at some of the hundreds of tanks I have restored on my home page most of these tanks were all scraped, scratched and dry rotted due to the weather from the elements and time. The gas tank is the crown jewel of your restoration, its the first thing people will look at on your motorcycle to identify the make and year of your bike. This is where I can help you make your restoration the best that it can be! I look forward to
hearing from you and talkingabout your motorcycle restoration.

Thank you for your business!




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